Thursday, April 24, 2008

Festival of Books

If you live in or near Los Angeles, come on down to the LA Times Festival of Books this weekend. Not only will there be hundreds of great writers and thousands of books to browse, but even I'll be there signing both Saturday and Sunday. You can find me at booth #733 in Zone G.

I'll be the guy with the mohawk.

UPDATE--Browsing through the list of authors that will be there, I noticed that Tim Curry will be in attendance. I have no idea if it's THE Tim Curry, but if it is, I think this may be the best weekend ever. I really love my town.

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Russ! said...

Mr. Nelson,

Sorry, I couldn't find a better way to contact you--can you shoot me a line at I picked "Fall of Cthulu" #11 as my best comic of the week this week (Hot Shot of the Week at and wanted to do a quickie e-mail interview with you ASAP.