Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In stores this week (07/23/08).

Fall of Cthulhu #14, "The Gray Man" part 4 (of 4)

This arc is my personal favorite of the series so far. Not only does it have my two absolute favorite creations (Lucifer and the Harlot, as seen in the cover image on left), but it is also the most enjoyable story (IMO) that I've written in a while. Obviously, opinions may vary.

Nevertheless, if you have a chance to pick it up, please do. You don't have to be a mythos fan or a Lovecraft scholar to enjoy these stories. I (try to) give you all the information you need to understand the context of the story. No prerequisite research necessary.

But if you've been following the story since the beginning, then hopefully this final chapter of "The Gray Man" will be even that more enjoyable. I'd love to hear what you all think about it.

After this arc, we move on to GODWAR which will then segue into APOCALYPSE. Get ready, folks. It's hitting the fan.

On another note, I will be in San Diego this week, working the BOOM! Studios booth (booth #2543). So if you're one of the hundreds of thousands of people crazy enough to brave this event, stop by and get some books signed. Hope to see you there.

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